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M.E.Ch.A. Xinachtli 2023-2024 Field Trips

Xinachtli's enriching field trips are designed to ignite curiosity, broaden horizons, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for education and diversity. As advocates for accessible learning experiences, we proudly offer all our service recipients the opportunity to partake in these excursions at no cost, ensuring that financial barriers never hinder the pursuit of knowledge and cultural exploration.

One of our signature field trips is our UCLA Shadow Day. With this transformative experience, high school students are invited onto our beautiful UCLA Campus and given a once-a-lifetime opportunity to shadow current UCLA undergraduate students. We aim to debunk higher education misconceptions and inspire aspirations for future academic pursuits. By immersing these students in the vibrant atmosphere of campus life, we hope to demystify the college experience and ignite a passion for learning that transcends societal barriers.

But our commitment to holistic education doesn't stop there. Through our Culture and Heritage Day, we invite our service recipients to embark on a cultural odyssey, celebrating the kaleidoscope of traditions and histories that make our world wonderfully diverse. This day, from interactive workshops to immersive performances, is dedicated to fostering mutual understanding and appreciation for different cultures, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive society.

Katella High School & Lynwood High School Knights, join us on these transformative journeys, where education meets empowerment, and diversity becomes our greatest strength. With free food, free transportation, and boundless growth opportunities, our field trips are not just excursions—they're gateways to a brighter, more connected future.

23-24 Field Trips

UCLA Shadow Day & Culture Day

KHS UCLA Shadow Day Gallery

LHS UCLA Shadow Day Gallery

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